Faculty Development

Using Arguments, Questions, and Reflections to Promote Excellence - Heather Laird-Fick, MD, MPH, FACP (47:52) ( Windows Media )

This 48 minute presentation by Dr. Heather Laird-Fick in December, 2012, discusses the roles of arguments, questions, and reflections in promoting higher order learning. It also describes ways to create and sustain environments of inquiry in busy clinical settings.

"I Can See CLERly Now"

A one-day conference in Midland, Michigan on January 31, 2014 – devoted to information and discussion regarding the new ACGME institutional requirements. The first 9 minutes of welcome is audio; after that, Powerpoint slides accompany the audio.

Morning Sessions:

  1. Welcome from Drs. Rappley and Pearson - audio only
  2. Keynote Address: Pat Surdyk, PhD – Executive Director, ACGME IRC
  3. Involving Residents in Patient Safety Initiatives: Mona Hanna, MD – Director, Hurley Medical Center Pediatrics
  4. New Technologies for Effective Patient Health: Gary Ferenchick, MD – MSU Internal Medicine


Afternoon Sessions:

  1. Resident Involvement in Q.I. Projects: Jami Foreback, MD – DME, McLaren Flint
  2. Involving Communities In Medical Education: Dan Webster, MD – Assistant Dean, Traverse City
  3. Improving Communication Skills for Residents and Faculty: Randy Pearson, MD – Assistant Dean, GME


Teaching Patient Safety

The Veterans’ Administration, through its network of graduate medical education programs, has been a leader in developing patient safety education modules for its constituent residencies. This link will take you to the VA’s Patient Safety education modules, which you are free to incorporate (either in whole or in part) for your program’s patient safety education.

  1. Teaching Patient Safety (PDF)
  2. Teaching Patient Safety with answer key
  3. Clinical Teamwork Scale
  4. To Err is human: Building a Safer Health System - Linda T. Kohn, Janet M. Corrigan, Molla S. Donaldson editors (free executive summary)

OMERAD (Office of Medical Education Research and Development)

OMERAD works to support clinician educators. Their website https://omerad.msu.edu provides resources for:

  1. · Research & writing
  2. · Teaching skills
  3. · Online teaching
  4. · Tutorials for presentations
  5. · Curriculum development modules
  6. · Faculty Development opportunities
  7. · And more!